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first post of the new year, hopefully only post of the new year   
12:19am 01/01/2017
olly olly oxiclean, it's two thousand seventeen!

strike me with some lightning and make it quick 'cause i can predict a little future and it's making me right sick.

lock up your daughters, sons, and housepets 'cause it's gonna get bad for everyone under the sun and that lucky ol' sun got himself some military-grade x-ray specs courtasy of military surplus.

and to all those smart people that already bunkered up, i hope that bomb shelter has a still because there's no such thing as stupidity shielding.
lemon, lime and bitters? it's like this drink was MADE for me.   
09:34pm 20/06/2016
  i'm trying to avoid rageposts (and by extension any post at all unfortunately) but holy hells has today been a 720% stalefish kick to the dick. Wake up having slept effectively on top of my own head, sore all over start getting ready to a work exam and find the clothes i'd been planning to wear aren't clean like i thought. so i toss them in the hamper and get some replacements while the toast burns.

try to relax for a bit before i head out, internet has none of that and borks whatever game i play. decide i might as well handle some other errands while i'm out, grab some paints to color-match and head out. don't remember the store's closed until i'm on the bus so i drag the paints around all day. get to the exam and surprise! it's for a program i ain't so much as looked at in a decade and crash and burn.

head off to the other store to pick up some entertainment. of course, they're out of what i came for. get mad, stubborn and hit up every store in like five miles of the train station that might have it. nix, of course. go back having accomplished exactly 0% of what i set out to do, sunburnt to the point making facial expressions is like knives to the face, and sore feet.

so of fucking COURSE i somehow manage to pick the idea out of my brain "hey, let's catch up on the news! that will certainly cheer us up!" motherfucking brain-defects using some mentally ill dipshit that couldn't reconcile being gay with being a religious person to attack literally EVERYTHING BUT the failure to properly address mental illness, throw fucking tantrums in the news, and further laws to strip people of constitutional rights because "national security" which is one of those phrases that should make everyone with two brain cells left to avoid the user like a plague, but one of the presidential hopefuls has been spouting it. no, not the trog with the bad tan. the other trog in the overpriced pantsuit.

the literal only thing that's kept me from grabbing a discarded beer bottle and making an impromptu multimedia display of people's innards today is that i had a really nice soda. that's one hell of a razor-thin margin.

2016 has been a rollercoaster of a terrible year so far.
fantastic! no, wait. reverse of that.   
10:05pm 18/11/2015
  i come back after helping my poor gran, i line up a job, and i gotta quit it in a month because of juvenile garbage. i wish i could be more surprised.

it's profoundly amazing how easily a person can become blind to their own actions through justification.

well, at least i'm drunk!
Let us paint; we are brothers   
11:20am 15/02/2015
  I've never been terribly bothered by graffiti- grew up with it, so it's loses the intimidating mystery behind it i suppose. i've learned to appreciate the quality of it though.

every now and then i get the itch to take pictures of it, now being one of those timesCollapse )
i have not been remembering to use the journal feature on livejournal.   
07:30pm 10/09/2014
mood: exhausted
it is REALLY hard to write one of these posts when you actively want to not think about yourself.

Read more...Collapse )
10:08pm 24/04/2014
ah, where to start, where to start.....

well, been learning to computer talk. not going smoothly, but i figure i gone this far i may as well see my way through it all.if it works i get a bit of paper that says i'm trained in getting computers to talk, which is a job i don't want, but will get me money, and hopefully i can move on to a job i DO Want using it.
(probably not, but still worth a try)

i'm really not a computertalk person (i think in colors and things, not words and context) so i've had to focus on this stupid stuff to learn any of it. HARD. like, fuck all my free time hard. i don't like having things i dislike occupying all my thoughts, but i've spent too much money to be lazy about it at this point.
(that i want to isn't helping my mood)

i've managed to play too much team fortress 2 though. well, too much if you aren't a fan of it. not enough if you ARE a fan of it, but that's how things you like work.

hmm, there's a serious drought going on. well, serious enough to merit people discussing water rationing at least. which is a fairly bad sign of anything. i would do something, but i'm living with the sort of person that takes a bath between showers so i've largely conceded any interest in improving water usage here needs to be directed towards eviction first.

tomorrow i'm gonna head over to try to pick up a flatbed scanner. if the box fits in my backpack, i'm buying it and that's that. i need a scanner.
*snip, snip*............*sniiiiiiiip*   
12:06am 06/01/2014
  Ah, it has been a while since i actually tried to post something with substance here....then again it's been a while since i had a lot of free time to type!

well, i guess i'll start with the videogame stuffCollapse ), that way you can skip to the rest if you don't careCollapse )
She comes from a long line of people just like her. useless and in athuority.   
10:25pm 07/07/2013
  i don't like the concept of "tips" as an established transaction.

part of it is simply the fact i don't like compliments, which tips are kind of a monetary form of. but for the most part, i simply don't like the idea of a business being able to track what the heck the customers are giving to their employees as a personal side-gift.

my job of the moment involves....some providing the customers with obvious physical labor. store policy (well, mangement policy) is that we are not allowed to receive any tips, presumably on the grounds some would take a lack of tips as reason to do less quality work for some customers (i base my effort at work on the quality of the staff and management, so....) and as the manager is usually sitting in her office nearby, doing nothing important so you generally have to decline the tip. sometimes at great length. and i inwardly agree with the policy, not because of any managerial stupidity but because part of me worries that accepting a lot of tips will encourage them to lower my pay to compensate.

this is a terrible situation to me, because i can't understand what gives employers any right to a transaction between their employee and their customer that stands intended as separate from the provision of goods/services the place of business provided. but somewhere the idea because that if there's an interaction you can observe between someone that works for you involving money, you deserve at least part of it. there's something terribly wrong about the "protecting the business's sovereign right to it's envisioned profit" that's deeply pervasive in spite of the sheer wrong-headedness of it. i don't enjoy having to control my behavior because of someone else's selfish stupidity, and i've spent far too much time doing it.
09:38pm 04/05/2013
  words feel like my enemy lately.....i spend too much time sifting through words i don't want to put up with, being ground down by the monotony of trying to find some small, meaningless advancement to my condition to bring myself to move into enjoying the slowly growing pile of books i've acquired or type yet more words here.

too many words about awful news, employment escaping me, my plans crumbling over and over again.....i'm gong to leave off here. i'm tired of typing for now.

i want to draw but noone would see it.
great moments in human awfulness   
10:24am 18/03/2013
  and now we're off to ohio for the hearing on the stuebenville rape trail!

So, five solid minutes of how terrible being found guilty of having raped a girl, bragged about it and spreading it around in the hopes of shaming people from going for the guilty charge if they're jurors of a similar case of "such promising" football players raping a girl at a party because they expect they'll be protected? An "apology" of how they never intended for the evidence of them raping the girl that night was never intended to be shared? a long, tearful bemoanment of how hard this case has been for everyone (yeah, because it's totally as bad for you up to now as the girl that was raped, mocked and initially told to STFU by the cops until the fed stepped in), followed by a heartfelt moment about how the father loves his son in spite of the rape?


i'm not going to waste typing on the way rape survivors are treated, mainly because it's clear that the people invested in the results of the trial didn't give a quarter-shit about that. but can we please figure out how the willful violation/assault of a person against her will for entertainment is the one fucking crime where the legal system feels like they should approach it as regretful? if you grow a plant they don't like, they paint you as a member of a crimnal cartel, if you're driving a nice car and happen to have the wrong skin tone they make a concerted effort to convince themselves you're a criminal, and if you download an MP3 file and they notice they charge you with several hundred grand in damages for making a copy but Rape is the one subject where we feel inclined as a culture to try to give the perpetrator every benefit of a doubt?

the proper mentality should be "fuck you, you shouldn't have thought about doing it at all. you attacked that girl for fun, exhibited that you are a horrible person that shouldn't be trusted by anyone, and now reget that there were godsdamn consequences? you're lucky we don't strap claymores to you facing in and see how many bat swings it takes to make the detonator misfire!" a bunch of jock assholes raped a girl, bragged about it to the tune of "She's deader than obi-won kenobi after darth vader cut his head off" (WARNING: terrible audio) and half the fucking town tried to blow it off because they're good at sports!

fuck every part of this shit. if i were clever (or rested at all, for that matter) i might have a jaunty little tune for you to sing while in prison to the tune of i will survive, but all i can say is i how their rectums end up more blown up than a palestinian neighborhood after an isreali retaliation.
there's fifteen knives in the cake. tell the jugglers they're fired, or the cook i like his moxie.   
01:09am 27/11/2012
mood: Must not stab legs....
workingCollapse )
sleepCollapse )
elections gone awayCollapse )
this is ridiculousCollapse )
01:34pm 31/08/2012
  okay, let me just say something here.

if you've paid any attention to the US election, it's painfully clear we've got the worst situation we've had in possibly ever. the romney ticket is pretty much explicitly running on the "lies and money" ticket and betting on the idea that if they refuse to admit they're lying about everything from their own history to the actions of the entire US government then they get to believe it's true. heck, they've cozied up to the "legitimate rape" candidate to show party solidarity while making him a forbidden topic in all interviews because it would be "partisan attacks".

their entire plan to get into office counts one two things. an ignorant voter base and an apathetic opposition. for that, it takes a lot of money, a supporting base of people polarized against listening to reason, and an opposition unwilling to drag out the discussion.

there's nothing to be done about the first one. there's plenty of billionaires with the means to dump hundred of millions on them directly and indirectly for their goals. not even going to try to think of a way to compete there. what can be done, hell what MUST be done is to shake off being number three and discuss the matter (at painfully great length) with the semi-rabit members of number three.

got some family members you're embarrassed to say think romney has the right idea?* talk to them about it. shake of the urge to tell them they're acting like retarded five-year olds with melted ice cream and discuss how the plans they're arguing for wouldn't work. get them thinking about what they're voting for means and weather it's good for them. sure, it's a royal pain, but honestly the gamble is getting at least four years of listening to this shit in the news and being applied to your life so i'd say a couple hours of tiresome conversation isn't unacceptable.

engage the people this party is countng on, make them do the one thing this party can't handle: get these people to think in terms of what's good for them, not what party they're backing. if you can get their voter base thinking in terms of what's good for them and their futures instead of seeing it like a popularity contest, there's nearly zero chance of the "lies and money" ticket working.

and if you feel like telling the people you know to do it too...that'd be real helpful.

*to be fair here, he's changed his stances so many times he might have been right by accident once or twice....
08:32pm 12/08/2012
mood: cranky
yeah, i know...i don't talk too much. i ain't got anything to talk about.

what would i say? i haven't done anything, i haven't come to any new realization or anything like that. the world is still a festering pile of asswipes insisting if we leave it alone a LITTLE longer and give them a LITTLE more control it will fix itself. i still spend most of my time trying to find work, and fixing shit just well enough i don't have to replace them most times.

and i still don't have a computer of my own, fuck it all.

bleagh, this is annoying. i can't think to anything that i can say that doesn't make me look like i'm trying to encourage a revolt.....hell, is that a sign itself?
a moment of terrible clarity   
01:54pm 27/06/2012
  for...some reason i had someone tell me to go look at the texas GOP's political platform. it's a horroshow.

some highlights:

  • "The sanctity of human life, created in the image of God, which should be protected from fertilization to natural death."

  • "“The laws of nature and nature’s God” as our Founding Fathers believed."

  • "We propose that every (Texas) driver license shall indicate whether the driver is a U.S. citizen."
  • this makes more sense once you realize they were trying to use driver's licenses as proof of being an illegal in some parts of texas before they were called on it. papers, citizen....
  • "We urge amendment of the Internal Revenue Code to allow a religious organization to address issues without fear of losing its tax-exempt status. We call for repeal of requirements that religious organizations send the government any personal information about their contributors."

  • :The Republican Party of Texas supports the historic concept, established by our nations’ founders, of limited civil government jurisdiction under the natural laws of God, and repudiates the humanistic doctrine that the state is sovereign over the affairs of men, the family and the church."

  • "We affirm that the practice of homosexuality tears at the fabric of society and contributes to the breakdown of the family unit. Homosexual behavior is contrary to the fundamental, unchanging truths that have been ordained by God, recognized by our country’s founders, and shared by the majority of Texans."

  • "We support adoption of the Pledge Protection Act. We also urge that the National Motto “In God We Trust” and National Anthem be protected from legislative and judicial attack"

  • "We support the affirmation of traditional Judeo-Christian family values and oppose the continued assault on those values."

  • gods, there's too much to list stuff that needs more explination, stuff that makes more sense under reference...two more, then i'm just gonna stop.

  • "We believe the current teaching of a multicultural curriculum is divisive. We favor strengthening our common American identity and loyalty instead of political correctness that nurtures alienation among racial and ethnic groups. Students should pledge allegiance to the American and Texas flags daily to instill patriotism."

  • "We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority."

  • religious fundamentalism and extremism.

    i'd normally talk shit about them for this, but it's just....man this is serious. something needs to be done. at the very least, i urge you to share this info with people so it isn't simply overlooked.
from the "why do you think it'll sell?" bin.....   
04:41pm 15/05/2012
  the republican party and anal penetration, they just seem to attract each other.

santorum looks like it'd get stuck on your ass though. how loyal to the subject matter?....
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06:13pm 12/04/2012
  okay, so while it's neat that every time one of these awful "the internet in dangerous! we have to be able to see everything you do on it OR YOU WILL BE A CRIMINAL!" bills comes up there's a big group of people ready and willing to protest it to the point that they have to pay attention and all....why can't anyone seem to rally that energy into writing a bill that will outlaw this sort of thing to begine with and get it passed?  
04:23am 21/01/2012
  okay, so the RAM in my computer finally went bad, which was because of a virus that got into the java console or whatever it is, which ALSO borked my firefox files.

it's all fixed now. i just felt i needed that mentioned somewhere so i can give myself a low-five.
random bit.   
10:58am 21/12/2011
  i hear a lot of good things about vermont and They have a good senator too. kinda wish i could move there, but they'd probably kick me out.

i am an asshole when i don't get enough sleep, and i haven't gotten enough sleep in years now.

(p.s. hiphop, please stop caring about sucka MCs because they start beefs. they can be the all-beef patty of the industry but if their rhymes are still empty calories they're not worth biting)
Please Boycott Capcom.   
03:57pm 09/11/2011
mood: annoyed
in the past.....six months or so i guess, capcom, videogame software developer has:

1: announced an "ultimate" version of their still-new game Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, replacing the original plan of DLC with a entire new disc to purchase, more or less as an excuse to ask for a bigger chunk of change for the characters added. (this is mostly insulting in my eyes because damn near half of the new characters they're adding are ones that they insisted weren't getting added to the game when it was first being hyped and feels distinctly like a bait-and-switch)

2:canceled Megaman legends 3, mostly due to a falling out with the original megaman creator, and then heaped the blame on the fans for not being willing to shoulder the entire weight of actually making the game for them in a truly awe-inspiring display of assholery.

3: Decided that the long-held legacy of cheat codes- generally game-breaking codes for you to fuck around with that have been either unlocked via code or in-game achivement for decades should be charged for.

also take note that all of those games are sequels. so i'm asking everyone looking at this, please, stop giving capcom money. actually, stop giving activision money too. modern warfare isn't so much a first-person shooter game as it is a murder-fantasy simulator.....
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well said.   
10:34pm 20/09/2011

Immortal Technique is an impressively patient, understanding person that is clearly only angry because of a lack of equality. if then majority of the rap landscape were more like him and less of a prepackaged, sterile sense of rebellion that's easily adopted but ultimately self-destructive this country would be a great deal more intellectually enriched.